Coastal & Climate Change

In the field of Coastal Engineering, SCE has over the past 40 years aquired a detailed understanding of the rate and mode of recession of the NSW coastline. SCE also has a sound knowledge of the potential effects of climate change and sea level rise on the coastline.

As such, SCE provides extensive services to government and local Councils on:

  • The likely impacts of the various coastal recession & cliff stability hazards.
  • The planning & development issues associated with coastal recession.
  • The potential impacts of climate change & sea level rise on the rate of coastal recession.
  • The probable coastline recession over time periods of 50 & 100 years.

SCE also provides advisory services to individual clients on:

  • Individual lot property development within the coastal zone.
  • Assessment of the likely impact of coastal recession & sea level rise on a property, or group of properties.
Cabbage Tree Bay

The steep, partly cemented / indurated sand slope at Cabbage Tree Bay on the Central Coast of NSW has been receding at a significant rate over the...

Warringah Shire

In 2006, the Warringah Shire Council plan to upgrade & extend its coastal walkway to provide safe access for the public to the coastal areas...