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In the late 1990s, a young couple planned to undertake building works on a property in Terrigal;  the works involved the construction of a tim

Woy Woy

Located on a battle-axe block, the access drive for the site passed below a 6-7m high sandstone cliff with unstable boulders.


A residential development was proposed on a sloping site, with sensitive buildings adjacent.  The excavation was to be about 9 m deep in sands


The owner of a residential property in Moree, an area widely known for shrink / swell soils, engaged a builder to construct a single-storey...

Mona Vale

In 1990, a conventional two-storey residential flat building, with car parking at ground level, was constructed on a site in Mona Vale.  In 20


In the late 1970s, a subdivision was constructed in Tamworth that involved the filling of a natural drainage path.  Subsequently, building wor

Castle Cove

A married couple purchased a single-storey brick residence in Castle Cove;  some years later, they noticed some cracking in the wall of part o


A wealthy client purchased a federation style house on a property that had commanding views of Sydney Harbour.