Forensic Investigations

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The area of Forensic Engineering involves not only Forensic Investigations, but also Expert Witness & Reports. SCE have found that quite often clients are choosing "experts" that are unsuitable for this highly specialised field and as such have put in examples of this very thing to help people understand the need to always choose an expert that specialises in this area.

Rolleston Qld

During the heavy rainfall incidents in Queensland in early 2010, a farm dam immediately upstream of a mine site water supply dam failed.  The

Newstead QLD

As a part of a major development project in Brisbane in 2008, the site developer proposed a stormwater harvesting...

Lady Annie Mine QLD

In early 2009 a large rainfall event occurred in north-west Queensland which resulted in large stormwater flows in the vicinity of the Lady Annie...

Nelson Bay

In mid-2000, development approval was granted for a development in Nelson Bay NSW which involved a substantial [approximately 3.5 m deep]...


During the construction of a 5m deep excavation at a residential site within clays & shales, the excavation failed with resultant serious...

Wagga Wagga

In the late 1970s, a substantial [20 lots] urban residential subdivision was undertaken on a site on the urban outskirts of Wagga Wagga NSW. 

Valley Hotel Muswellbrook

In early 2008, the contiguous pile shoring wall supporting a deep basement excavation in Botany Road, Alexandria moved significantly;  as a co


In the aftermath of the Thredbo landslide in August 1997, Shirley Consulting Engineers were engaged by the Legal Representation Office of NSW, to...


In the late 1970s, a subdivision was constructed in Tamworth that involved the filling of a natural drainage path.  Subsequently, building wor


In early 1991, a cotton farmer engaged a project manager / architect, structural engineer and geotechnical consultant [which was a large multi-...

Cremorne NSW

A series of underpinning excavations associated with a large basement excavation on a construction site in Cremorne, resulted...