Boulder Roll & Rockfall

Woy Woy

Located on a battle-axe block, the access drive for the site passed below a 6-7m high sandstone cliff with unstable boulders. The ground slope on either side of the driveway also had boulders and unstable ground.

A previously subdivided property / lot was located beside, and uphill of an access drive to a battle-axe block.  The lot was below a 6-7m high sandstone cliff that had many unstable boulders on, and above the cliff.  The ground forming the property also had many boulders and was susceptible to soil creep.

A proposal was put to the local Council to build on the lot adjoining the access drive;  the proposal was endorsed by a geotechnical engineer.  SCE, acting for the owner of the battle-axe property advised that there as was a serious risk of rock fall from the cliff, the residential development should not be approved.  Despite this advice, and a number of extended discussions between all parties, the development was approved by the Council.

Subsequently, and before the residential development was constructed, a large boulder [about 25 tonne] dislodged / fell and bounced over the lot, and caused significant damage to the access driveway to the battle-axe block.  During the rock fall, the boulder narrowly missed the owner of the battle axe block.

Since that time, no building works have been undertaken on the lot.