Coastal Revetment To Stabilise Slope

Cabbage Tree Bay

The steep, partly cemented / indurated sand slope at Cabbage Tree Bay on the Central Coast of NSW has been receding at a significant rate over the years, and was identified in 1996 by SCE as an area where slope instability was affecting property.  In 2002, the Wyong Shire Council undertook some drainage works on the slope in an endeavour to reduce the rate of erosion / coast line recession.

Later, and after the severe storms of 2007 this instability extended significantly landward, and jeopardised the stability of several building / properties.

As a consequence, SCE was engaged to advise the Council on methods of alleviating the rate of coastal erosion, and subsequently to prepare engineering designs for the necessary coastal revetment.  This design work involved extensive consultations with members of the public, contractors and the University of NSW who acted in a checking role.

Subsequently, and because of the Council’s limited financial resources, an alternate method of combating the beachfront erosion was implemented.