Creek Embankment Stabilisation


As a result of dislocated and leaky sewer & stormwater pipes discharging onto a steep embankment above a creek during heavy rainfall, a serious landslide took place.  Also, as the landslide was close to a private house, the landslide posed a threat to the stability & safety of the house.

SCE were then engaged by the Wyong Shire Council to determine the cause of the landslide and to prepare designs for the necessary remedial measures. The project was also complicated by the steep and densely vegetated terrain, complex geology, proximity of the residence and safety issues.

The SCE investigations disclosed that the chief cause of the landslide was related to surface & subsurface drainage issues which were also complicated by the way in which the sewer had been originally constructed.  As a consequence, the solution design by SCE was primarily one of drainage improvement, in association with a terraced gabion & sandstone rock wall.  This solution was later successfully constructed by the Council under SCE review.