Liner & Concrete Pile Failure

Rushcutters Bay

During the course of constructing a two level car park basement in sand and weathered sandstone bedrock at Rushcutters Bay, the unconventional excavation support system failed.  As a consequence, the immediately adjoining, and recently renovated, two-storey federation era terrace house suffered settlement and severe damage, with some of the cracks in the building cross walls exceeding 30 mm.

Shirley Consulting Engineers with any engaged to advise on the efficacy of the provided excavation support system, together with the necessary and appropriate remedial measures to the terrace house in conjunction with a number of other engineering experts appointed by the various parties.

Subsequently, and although there was agreement between the various engineering and building experts as to the cause of the damage to the terrace house and the necessary remedial measures within weeks of the failure occurring, the implementation of the rectification took several years due to legal disputation between the insurers of the various parties.