Retaining Wall Remedial Works


As a result of a number of residents expressing concern about the stability of a 3 m high sandstone block retaining wall in Collaroy, SCE was engaged by the Warringah Council to investigate the stability of the wall and then to advise on appropriate remedial measures.

Following the investigations, SCE proposed several options for remediation of the sandstone block retaining wall, with the most economical option being an anchored Shotcrete wall in association with appropriate site drainage.  However, because of the poor aesthetics of a sprayed shotcrete wall, the residents of the area expressed considerable concern to the Council about the visual impact of the proposed remedial solution.

As a consequence, SCE in conjunction with the Council, undertook a number of investigations as to how the visual impact could be made appropriate and devised a solution which was both economical and aesthetically pleasing. This solution involved the application of a 'mock sandstone' finish to the shotcrete wall.

After Council awarded the tender for the work, the wall construction was then completed under the review & guidance of SCE.