Seawall Remediation & Public Risk Control

Dawes Point

The heritage listed sandstone seawall at Dawes Point was originally constructed in the late 19th century, and then raised in the early 1920s.  It was later further raised in the 1980s for the 1988 NSW bicentennial celebrations.  During this work, structural measures to ensure that the wall had sufficient strength to cope with the increased loads were not carried out.

In the late 1990s, significant tilt of type movements were observed in the seawall;  as a consequence, SCE was engaged to advise on the necessary remedial action measures in conjunction with a structural engineer.  Also, and in view of the historic & public importance of the seawall and park area behind, it was necessary for SCE to develop a monitoring and risk management program to enable the park area to safely remain in use whilst the plans for the repairs were made, and finance made available for the actual construction work.  This monitoring included regular abseiling of the seawall to measure the various points installed.

The risk management & monitoring program also came under considerable scrutiny as the public space of Dawes Point Park was considered a very valuable item during major Sydney Festival events around Christmas and New Year.

When the time for construction of the necessary stabilisation works, SCE provided the necessary construction review of the various geotechnical elements of the project.