Severely Damaged Unit Building

Double Bay, NSW

Significant building damage occurred to a three storey unit building in Double Bay, NSW during the course of construction of piling works for a single level basement carpark on the immediately adjoining property.  The piling works were of the concrete ‘secant pile’ type and installed under engineering supervision;  no excavations had been undertaken at the time that the unit building damage was observed.

The unit building damage was extensive, and included rotation of the external building wall and cracks of up to 3 mm wide in the internal walls of the building.  Despite the damage to the unit building being extensive, the claim against the developer of the adjoining property owner, which was a large multinational group, rejected the claim.  The developer stated that the damage was caused by the removal of a small tree close to the corner of the building.

As a consequence, SCE were engaged to advise on the cause of the damage, and appropriate rectification measures.  Whilst SCE's work was significantly hampered by the difficult behaviour of the adjoining property developer, ultimately an agreement was formed underpin and repair the unit building.

SCE's work also involved significant negotiation & discussions with several parties.