Soil Nail Wall Construction

West Gosford

The construction of a major residential development the West Gosford required the excavation of a substantial basement within the residual clays and soft weathered bedrock strata.  Due to the cost consequences of the conventional methods of temporary excavation support, SCE were engaged to assist in the investigation and design of the an alternative [viz: soil nail] excavation support system.

Also, and even though there had been our previous geotechnical investigation at the site using a drilling equipment, SCE recommended that additional test pit investigations being carried out as part of the design process, as well as to ensure the safety and stability of the proposed excavations.  The result of the additional investigations confirmed SCE's initial view that the strength of the strata assessed by the drilling investigation, was in error and that a soil nail method of excavation support would be appropriate.

Subsequently, the excavation was undertaken using the SCE recommended approach and completed on time and well under budget.  The installed system also embodied a number of unique approaches to the way in which a soil nails are installed that were developed in conjunction between SCE engineers and the project builder.