Forensic Engineering and Investigations

SCE have over 70 years' combined experience in the undertaking of specialist forensic engineering investigations, and have an extensive understanding of the legal requirements, framework and documentation required for this type of investigation.

SCE know that not only do you need a report that can successfully rebuke an opposing opinion, but also produce one that can stand up to cross examination as well. SCE puts substantial time, thought and effort into every report that is produced to ensure a high quality product.

We have carried out forensic investigations for insurers and loss adjusters of open cut mine sites around the country resulting in a successful outcome including Isaac Plains in Queensland and are currently engaged on a seawall collapse at Koolan Island mine site in Western Australia and a site in Victoria.

SCE also carry out work on sites that have been subject to mine subsidence. We have been engaged by both private clients and the Mine Subsidence Board directly to carry out forensic investigations including Chain Valley Bay on the NSW Central Coast.

SCE’s Civil and Ground Engineering services and expertise in relation to excavations, retaining walls and excavation support systems includes the analysis, design & construction review of such structures, as well as the forensic investigation of a failure or movement of the structures.  In addition, and as a part of the forensic investigation of structures undergoing movement, SCE has acquired considerable expertise in the monitoring of structures, including real time monitoring of any movements, using web-based technology.

The range of structures designed & investigated by SCE over many years has included:

  1. Building basement excavations & shoring systems.
  2. Retaining walls & revetments.
  3. Ground anchors, rock bolts and soil nails.
  4. Reinforced soil walls, soil nail walls & shotcrete walls.
  5. Tunnels & shafts.
  6. Roads, highways and reinforced earth embankments.

SCE’s extensive experience in the investigation of ground engineering structure failures [designed and constructed by others], has also provided SCE with an important resource database on what can go wrong, as well as the ways in which construction problems and failures can be avoided.

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