Investigative and Remedial Engineering

Whilst investigative studies may sometimes lead to litigation, it is often the case that the failure / problem can be resolved without the need to resort to legal proceedings.

SCE's experience has indicated that the use of an inappropriately experienced person can lead to more serious damage and costly complications.

Some examples of the situations where it is very important that SCE's expertise in Investigative & Remedial Engineering is applied include:

  • damage / cracking to residential & commercial buildings;
  • movements or failure of retaining walls and revetments;
  • excavation failures, cliff instability & rock falls;
  • landslides, slope instability & drainage;
  • subsoil drainage and rising damp.

SCE's expertise in slope stability and drainage issues also provides a considerable bank of knowledge and 'know-how' which enables SCE to provide advice on the effective methods of remediating landslides, slope & cliff instability and rock falls.