Risk Assessment & Hazard Management

SCE provides clients with extensive advice and services in the assessment of ‘risk’ posed by various geotechnical & engineering hazards;  these hazards can include slope instability, landslides, rock falls and cliff line and coastal recession.  The risk assessment process also normally makes an assessment of both the Risk to Life, and the Risk to Property.

In many instances, a risk assessment is performed to determine the priority of works to enable budgeting and programming of the necessary hazard reduction works.  In addition, and in specific site situations, SCE utilises specialist monitoring systems to monitor a building or other structure whilst the necessary remedial works are planned and implemented.

Some examples of the situations where SCE provides Risk Assessment and Hazard Management Services include:

  • Where a Unit Building or other development has been constructed within an old quarry and the former quarry face is deteriorating in such a way that rock falls have occurred.
  • When a building or structure is known to have significant issues, and a potential for failure / collapse.
  • To enable appropriate personnel restrictions and control measures to be imposed on a structure / public place [e.g. a public look-out] whilst remedial measures are instituted.
  • To evaluate various repair / remedial works options from a risk & safety point of view to enable the most effective use of available funds.

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